Founders of Korroboree International online school realised that The ‘why’ we educate has to change for the present learners and so Korroboree online school was born.

Meet Lina Ashar and Agnelo Rajesh – founders and pioneers of bringing about change and disruption in the education space.

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Co-Founder: Korroboree | Founder Emeritus

Kangaroo Kids & Billabong High International Schools | Happiness Advocate

After successfully operating over 200 + Preschools and International schools under the brand name of Kangaroo Kids and Billabong High International School, Lina has now ventured into the EDTECH space. Her latest venture is called Korroboree – derived from the Australian word “Corroboree” which is a sacred gathering of people.

Korroboree is an online school with a focus on self-discovery and self-mastery. It is an online school where learners will have transformational learning experiences using digital tools and resources and the Dreamtime Learning Design based on neuroscience, behavioral science and future skills. The aim is to provide greater access to quality learning that will allow each learner in the learning ecosystem to become the best version of themselves.


Co-Founder: Korroboree | Chairman

St. Angelos VNCT Ventures | Author, Social Entrepreneur, Educationist, Business Mentor

Agnelorajesh Athaide is a first-generation entrepreneur who works globally in potential through Korroboree International Online School (a gathering of sacred people for common good). His mission along with Lina Ashar is to give children access to a unique education system that will help them thrive and become the best versions of themselves.

He is the President of the Corporate Connections, Mumbai chapter, and director on the board of the Christian Chamber of Commerce and Industry. Agnelorajesh Athaide has received various awards for the work that he does for society at large some of them are: Best entrepreneur award from Shri.

Vilasrao Deshmukh – Chief Minister of Maharashtra Salute Mumbai Award from Sahara Mumbai Rajiv Gandhi Memorial Award Winner of Xtraordinary Lives Foundation Award for an International Businessmen Competition held at Bali, Indonesia, Maharashtra as an innovative entrepreneur Nominated as a finalist for the Sankalp Awards 2011 as the best enterprise in the education industry which made a social impact


Co founder. Dedicated to the development of human potential Divya has a robust experience of 26 plus years of developing and leading a team of curriculum developers for preschool and primary school for Kangaroo Kids Education Ltd. Primarily a teacher at heart she enjoys looking at new ways of being able to teach children different concepts. This very passion led her to think of how to teach children effectively during the pandemic using technology and the online medium, so she decided to join Team Korroboree to help us develop a curriculum that is designed to help children thrive and find the best versions of themselves.

Divya has completed her Bachelor’s degree in Home Science and then completed the Cambridge International Diploma in Teacher Training. She has also completed the certificate level of the Programme Leader course for Educational Leadership provided by Cambridge. Divya has attended various workshops related to education – Multiple Intelligences by Howard Gardner, Understanding by Design hosted by ASCD in Istanbul and many more.

  1. Mathematical Capacity
  2. Language Capacity
  3. Scientific, Civic and Cultural Capacities
  4. Technology Capacity
  5. Personalised Learning Pathway
  6. Connections — self, others and the world (SEL)
  7. Second Language French/Hindi